The journey for the compilation of this great work dates back to the days when Chaudhry Abdul Ghafoor Qamar was a student of primary class at the school in his native village. He would recite “AZAN” daily at the only village mosque which was built by his late father. He was very good at studies and remembered Allama Iqbal`s poems by heart. In fact, he derived all the inspiration for “ISHQ-E-RASOOL (PBUH) from Allama`s poetry. He used to recite “Mere Maula Bula Lo Madine Mujhe” and yearned for pilgrimage to Makkah and Madinah-al-Munawwarah.

Chaudhry Abdul Ghafoor Qamar  had a great passion for Naat from his very childhood. He used to write down select verses of Urdu or Farsi Naat in his diary. The yard stick for this selection was depth of emotions, passion for Ishq-e-e Rasool (PBUH) and literary value of the poetry. Gradually, and over the years, it became a sizeable collection of “Naat”. It was almost in late seventies (about the time Madressa Tadreesul Quran was established), that he decided to give it the form of a book named “INTEKHAB-E-NAAT”. When the first volume of “INTEKHAB-E-NAAT” was published, it drew wide spread acclaim from all and sundry and those reading it wished him to continue this monumental work. During this period, he was also interviewed at the Pakistan Television. Mr. Qamar eventually decided to continue his work and finally, this gigantic task was completed in thirteen (13) large volumes. The entire exercise took about ten years to complete.

After printing of the book, it was equally challenging to distribute and spread it, in and outside Pakistan. By the grace of ALLAH, this noble task was also successfully accomplished. Presently, sets of “INTEKHAB-E-NAAT” are available in various bookstores as well as almost all the libraries of Pakistan which include schools, colleges, universities, municipal or public libraries etc. The book also illuminates the stalls of the American Congress Library which is the largest library in the world. And last but not the least; “INTEKHAB-E-NAAT” is now available on internet, having its own website.

During this long journey of Love, Chaudhry Abdul Ghafoor Qamar received continuous and unreserved support, both moral and financial, from his sons and daughters, grand children, family and many Aashqan-e-Rasool (PBUH), who didn’t want to public their names.