Abdul Ghafoor Qamar Welfare Trust

“Abdul Ghafoor Qamar Welfare Trust” was established in the Pindi Umra village in early 1990s with well-defined aims and objectives. The basic aim of the Trust was to provide financial support to the Madrissa Tadreesul Quran which is also located in the same village. The Trust is a self-sustaining organ and is being run by a Board of Trustees. No charity or outside donations are accepted for its running. However, family members (only) are encouraged to donate generously to this noble cause. In addition, all the proceeds from his work Intikhab-e-Naat go to the Trust.

Madrissa Tadreesul Quran

This Dini Madressa was established in village Pindi Umra, Tehsil Shakargarh, District Narowal, Punjab (Pakistan) in the year 1975 by Chaudhry Abdul Ghafoor Qamar, who was born in this village in 1916.

The Madrissa (school) has arrangements for the teaching of Holy Quran and dissemination of religious education (Dars-e-Nizami) in this remote area. At present, it is housed in a modest building comprising six rooms, one large veranda and a spacious courtyard. Children (boys and girls) from the surrounding villages are attending the Madressa on a regular and residential basis. Adequate arrangements are available in the Madressa for their boarding and lodging. The teachers engaged for imparting religious education and teaching Qirat are dedicated, well educated in their subject and totally committed to the cause. They reside in the accommodation provided by the administration of the Madressa. An elegant mosque is situated adjacent to the Madressa and is being expanded in order to provide more space to the faithful.